The definition of HEALTHY is ~ free from disease or pain / enjoying health and vigor of BODY, MIND & SPIRIT!  Notice that “health” does not just refer to your physical state, but your body, mind AND spirit!  “HEALTHY” encompasses your entire “being”!

So often in our busy world HEALTH is the one thing that gets pushed to the side. 

Let’s be real…So you are a busy mom, working a full time job, taking care of the house, cooking, cleaning, tending to homework duty, being a”taxi” cab driver, attending 4 sporting events in one night…​What is the one thing that tends to get pushed to the side…HEALTHY MEALS?!? 

​You may have no time to prepare the meal let alone get the family together all around the dinner table…all at the same time ~ SOOOO…you head to the drive-thru of your local fast food chain, hand the food out to each child sitting behind you while you are driving to the next sporting event of the night! 

Sound familiar?!?  ​

Maybe this may sound familiar…

You make a decision that you “need” to lose weight.  You set a goal!  That is AWESOME!  It is good to have a goal!

You even have a plan to follow a “diet” your friend told you about. 

You go to the grocery store to purchase what you need for this diet and you START…​only to realize in a short amount of time that this “diet” is not working because it is providing unsustainable results, it’s complicated, difficult and well…unhealthy!

So now what…You get discouraged!  You engage in negative self-talk! You quit this “diet” and end up gaining back every pound you lost..and then some!  You convince yourself that “This is just the way it has to be!”

Can you relate?!?  I have GREAT news for you…This is NOT the way it has to be!!

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If you have specific health goals that you are committed to reaching (noticed I said “committed” not “interested”) we deserve to connect!  It is truly amazing how great our bodies are designed to feel!  YOU DESERVE TO FEEL YOUR BEST! 

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